Superimposing information
November 20th, 2006

“Nokia researchers are working on a system that allows physical objects to be identified and connected to the Internet through mobile-phone screens,”this Technology Review article reports.”For the MARA project, Murphy and Nokia researcher Markus Kähäri outfitted a Nokia 6680 mobile device with a box containing extra hardware: a GPS sensor to determine the location of the phone, a three-access accelerometer to determine the orientation of the phone’s camera (which could be directed at a building or the ground, for instance), and a compass .
Once the phone is in camera mode and capturing a video stream, Murphy explains, MARA pulls together the information from the three sensors to pinpoint the location and orientation of the phone. The software then scours a database of objects–which can be loaded onto a phone or can be accessed through a network connection–to determine which object would be visible to the camera. Once visibility is determined, MARA highlights the objects and provides extra information and hyperlinks if available. So, if a nearby restaurant is in the database and within view, the software could display the menu and wait time, and by clicking on the hyperlink, you could visit the restaurant’s website.
This capability becomes particularly compelling when people, as well as buildings, are incorporated into the database. If you have a GPS sensor in your mobile device and elect to share your location, Murphy says, people could “click on you to link to your blog.” He adds, “You could go to a football match and be able to see information on the players, or ball movement, or tactics by looking at the field with your device.”

Hyperlinking Reality via Phones

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