Power of the tube
November 25th, 2006

This CNET News.com article reports “a school in Quebec, Canada, has banned personal electronic devices in the classroom after students videotaped a teacher yelling at a student and the footage ended up on YouTube. Two 13-year-old girls have been suspended for their involvement in the incident at Ecole Secondaire Mont-Bleu, according to the CBC report. And the teacher has taken a stress leave from work. The teacher was purposely provoked by one of the girls into yelling at her while the other girl secretly taped the scene, the CBC reported. Exactly what kind of device was used to record the event was undisclosed.
YouTube, by far the largest of the sites hosting user-submitted video, is quickly becoming a favorite venue for those wishing to expose wrongdoing. Proponents argue that online video can help hold people accountable. But the mushrooming popularity of these sites, coupled with the prevalence of video-equipped cell phones, has also raised concerns about misinterpreted context and the risk of ruined reputations.In one of the more recent examples of the far reach of video sites, comedian Michael Richards, best-known for his work in the long-running TV comedy series Seinfeld, was performing a standup routine in Los Angeles last week when a member of the audience filmed him spewing racial epithets at hecklers. The video was watched more than 470,000 times on YouTube”.

Video of teacher rant gets students in trouble

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