Asian blogging
November 29th, 2006

“Asia’s blogosphere is surging forward with nearly half, 46 per cent, of those online actively blogging, according to research released by Microsoft’s MSN and Windows Live Online Services Business,”DMasia reports. “The research showed that blogging is a social phenomenon with Asians primarily blogging as a means to maintain and build their social connections and to express themselves. The research findings are reportedly based on an online survey of more than 25,000 MSN portal visitors across seven markets.
Microsoft noted that blogging as a corporate or business tool still appears to be nascent in most markets, with little interest from consumers in blogs from business or political leaders. The exceptions are South Korea where blogging is reported to have permeated all aspects of life and India where a culture of self improvement is seeing business related blogs become popular.
The report suggested that netizens in Asia are most interested in those blogs written by friends and family (74 per cent) while blogs by work colleagues were the second most popular blog but were a distant second with only a quarter of respondents showing interest. In South Korea and India, however, respondents are most interested in blogs covering a specific topic of interest, the report said”.Further,”the survey also shows that blogs are a relatively trusted source of information with half of respondents believing that blog content is as trustworthy as traditional media. A quarter of respondents also believed blogs to be the quickest way to learn about news and current affairs”.

Blogging is social phenomenon in Asia: report

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