Characterisitics of people who participate in online communities
December 7th, 2006

Research has been published by Attention Company of the attitudes of people who participate in online communities; I did a post on this at WebMetricsGuru tonight.

The main findings of the report were that people who are ‘Out There’ are more likely to:

Value fame as an ‘asset’
Willing to share certain types of sensitive information on the web
Believe it is appropriate to criticize their organizations on the web
Believe that ‘organizations need to be more transparent to succeed’
Believe ‘there’s no harm in openly discussing the work I do inside my organization with others’
The report concludes that “Out There” people are potential saviors of companies, because they are the people who are going to help companies succeed. “Out There” people are characterized as:

Fast followers
More flexible
Open communicators
Aspire to greatness
Looking for new, innovative ideas
In short – your future leaders

Links: Webmetericsguru, Read/WriteWeb

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