December 14th, 2006

This MIT news office article says “MIT researchers today unveiled a new social networking application that will make it possible for anyone on the Institute’s 168-acre campus to locate anyone else, via their laptop.Known as iFIND, the new technology was developed by researchers in the Institute’s SENSEable City Laboratory.iFIND will give all 20,000 members of the MIT community the ability to accurately calculate their location on campus, using WiFi access points, and to choose if, when and with whom they want to share it with”.Further,”with almost 3,000 WiFi access points, the MIT campus is one of the most densely networked areas in the world. Such connectivity has changed the nature of social encounters on campus”.Also”iFIND is unique compared with similar applications that are being developed for the market, in part because of the extreme precision of its positioning system. More significantly, iFIND has been built with particular attention to privacy and data storage issues. There is no centralized storage of data, and everything happens on encrypted peer-to-peer transmissions among users”.

SENSEable City reveals ‘friendspotting,’ new MIT social networking form

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