Lessig book published in open modes
December 14th, 2006

This week Lawrence Lessig’s new book Codev2 officially launched, with a homepage here. Aside from the content, which will certainly be commented on from several venues, the methods of publication and distribution demonstrate the open era now underway:

Code v2 was written in part through a collaborative Wiki. That version is still accessible here. Lessig took the Wiki text as of 12/31/05, and then added his own edits. Code v2 is the result.

The Wiki text was licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License. So too is the derivative. Reflecting the contributions of the community to this new work, all royalties have been dedicated to Creative Commons.

You can download the full text in PDF form. The text is also available in a Wiki hosted by SocialText. And obviously, you can also buy the book at the links to the right. (A wise choice, as it is cheaper than printing the book in most contexts.)

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