December 20th, 2006

This age article says “YouTube has now become an unconventional crime-fighter in Canada, triggering alarms over police intrusion of this libertarian haven.Canadian police posted surveillance video this month on the popular website, in which users share video clips, hoping to nab a murderer.The one-minute video shows “people of interest” entering a Hamilton, Ontario bar, hours before two young men were stabbed in a brawl outside after a hip hop music concert.”We decided to post a video on YouTube because we felt it would more likely be seen by the people who attended this concert, who are in their teens and early 20s,” Hamilton police Detective Sergeant Jorge Lasso told AFP.”I have children and they don’t watch mainstream media, but they seem to be as informed as I am,” he said. “We realised that if we want to target this demographic, we’d have to go to the web, where they get their information.”

Police use YouTube as ‘wanted’ poster

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