The Trusted Web
December 30th, 2006

Talking about digital identities Businesweek’s blogspotter Stephen Baker points to some internet trends on The Information Architects site and spots the development of a “Trusted Web.”

The new identity system would require anyone that posts anything on the trusted web to identify himself. Anonymous reading would still be possible, but anyone that wants to contribute to a discussion, send a mail post a text, video, picture on the trusted web would have to identify himself. You could still run anonymous blogs but if you read them you’d know from the start that there is some phony business going on there. Of course identified websites should get a better search ranking.

Another interesting prediction is that the democratization of the Web follow a 1960s timeline:

What has happened in 2006 is comparable to the early events of 1966 and if history repeats we might see a summer of love for the Internet coming along in 2007 leading to a more violent revolution in 2008 during the presidential elections.

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