Mobile VoIP looking good for ’07 – Nokia, Skype
January 1st, 2007

Nokia has been working on “The Gizmo Project“. The Gizmo project allows VoIP calls on the N80i phone (Internet edition) using SIP protocol – enabling two or more people to make phone calls to each other, using the Internet to carry the call.

Skype has also been working on mobile VOIP using 3′s X-Series in the UK; Skype came bundled with the Nokia N73 so users of that phone can Skype with each other.

The main difference is that with the Nokia N80i (Internet edition) and Gizmo – Nokia’s Gizmo has more coverage than Skype’s mobile VoIP solution.

Links: Read Write Web,M-Trends, Skype, SMStextnews

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1 - Ash Vasudevan

Another mobile VOIP application (SIP based) that was released in Novemeber ’06 is speaQ ( speaQ is a cross-platform mVOIP application designed from ground up to work on Windows and Linux powered handheld devices. Currently the application is at an alpha stage, and can be downloaded for free from the web-site. Alpha features support:

Alpha Trial features:

* Standard Dialing
* Incoming, Outgoing, Missed call log
* Caller Id
* Last Dialed Number recall
* Mute
* Ring Tones
* STUN support for firewall communication Draws Attention to Gizmo and the N80i

SmartMobs has a quick comment about the GizmoProject collaboration with Nokia via the Nseries’ N80 Internet Edition….

3 - daka


can you say more about this speaQ…. can it be installed on the N80i?

4 - Boris

daka, Ash said it all: Windows and Linux based mobile devices. Nokia N Series, (N80 included) runs Symbian. So no. Also following the link Ash provided clarifies this further.

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