Great open source video about net neutrality — entertaining, too
January 2nd, 2007

Net neutrality has been explained by Craig, by a Ninja, but never as well as this open source video. Entertaining, too.


You can download the media managed material for this edit as soon as it’s uploaded (check back soon) and then re-edit adding your own material, counter pointing the ideas, or creating a version of a different length.


All are welcome to do anything they would like with the above edit or any future edits you make. Put it on you web page, burn a DVD to show at a gathering, show it in a theater before another movie, play it at a cafe, show it to friends on a portable player, or even put it on television. We’ve put a creative commons license on the video so that you don’t have to ask permission, but it is cool to hear where it’s showing and that knowledge is part of the feedback loop, so let us know in a comment. If people start showing it all over the place on their own accord, then we’ll know the edit is really concise, if that happens on a smaller scale, it’s possible the edit might be something only certain people have the backround to understand.


All of the video clips came from searching ‘net neutrality’ on YouTube, Google Video, Podzinger and delicious. A complete list of every video used and a link to the full video will be added to this page shortly. To add a resource that should be considered, post a comment below. In the future we hope to have another system where a collection of people can be adding resources to a pool. Maybe a public delicious account. Suggestions on how to organize resources are also welcome.

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