Lockers for cell phones outside schools explored
January 2nd, 2007

An article in the current eSchool News describes a situation that fits the prediction by Todd Richmond that “the educational sector will be dragged into the future kicking and screaming by the next perfect storm.”

The world’s largest public school system, in New York City, prohibits students to have cell phones at school. My favorite example of how blatantly students ignore the prohibition was a NY Times story from the day last fall when Yankee baseball pitcher Cory Lidle’s small plane hit a building. The reporter quoted a boy who was on his school’s roof (playground) at the time: ‘He said he and his classmates started text messaging and calling everyone they knew . . . ‘ Neither the student nor reporter seemed to feel the need to explain that the kids were not supposed to have the cell phones at school.

I have yet to know a high school or middle school student in a NYC school who does not carry a cell phone. The eSchool News report on the situation begins:

New York City school officials are taking some heat for a proposed solution to the city’s controversial ban on student cell phones in schools. The proposal would have students leave their cell phones in special lockers outside their schools, and students likely would pay 25 or 50 cents to use the lockers each day. Critics of the plan say they don’t see how schools will be able to accommodate the lockers–and they balk at the idea of charging students for their use.

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