IM vs email
January 5th, 2007

Is IM better for brainstorming than email? This New Scientist tech blog post says “according to a paper in the latest edition of the journal Computer Standards & Interfaces, the answer is yes. It seems that teams that collaborate using a instant messageing software like MSN messenger or GoogleTalk generate more ideas than those who reply on email instead.Researchers from the University of the Pacific in California, US, National Chung Cheng University in Taiwan and Miami University, US, decided to investigate the issue because IM usage is growing so rapidly in the workplace and they wanted to know what consequences this might have for the way organisations work.The researchers recruited forty two-person teams of graduate business students, and split them into IM and email groups. Each team then had to tackle a business problem facing an auto-repair firm, using only their allocated communication method.For some reason the paper doesn’t say how long the tests latest. But, on average, the IM teams produced one more idea than those using email”.

Is IM better for brainstorming?

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