PGA Custom player highlighter
January 5th, 2007

The new PGA online LEADERBOARD is a clinic in how to pack the most possible user options and services into a single webpage. It connects with anything and everything about official golf. For each player in an active tournament there are buttons for thorough stats and many other facts. It has been fun to watch over the past several years how the LEADERBOARD page has become more and more interesting and useful.

Yet finding a player one is following on the list where they all move up and down as they score has been frustrating. The only way to do it has been to read the names one by one. When a favorite player you are following drops some shots or adds some he can move a lot. In a tournament with 70 or more players, even Tiger Woods does not jump out of the list–he is just another strip of text.

This year a small new green button with a white ‘C’ appears next to each player’s name. The legend explains that the button is the Custom player highlighter. I tested it and found the first click provides the green background (Appleby in the above image) and the next the lavender (Oberholser above)–and that there are 2 more colors.

Userside conveniences are ways to make us folks in the mob smarter. The PGA scored a hole-in-one with this one.

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