Watching kids in Japan
January 5th, 2007

This RFID in Japan post says “according to SankeiWeb, Japanese geverment (Soum-sho) is planning to spend 1.2B Japanese Yen (about 10 million USD) to build “a system for watching kids” using mobile phones, GPS, RFID tags, etc. There’ll soon be pilot tests in 20 regions across the country. The ministry (Soumu-sho) seems to be looking at systems that monitor kids’ whereabouts using GPS-enabled mobile phones, RFID tags carried by kids, and RFID readers and communication devices installed at school gates and electric polls. Parents receive notifications when their kids pass nearby RFID readers; warning messages will be sent out when the kids enter a “dangerous area.”This is the first large scale test of this kind of systems”.

Japanese Government to Build “a system for watching children”

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