“The Swarm”
January 9th, 2007

“New software allowing mobile phone users to dodge their bosses while keeping up with friends is on the way, thanks to the efforts of a Melbourne academic,”this news article says.”RMIT University lecturer Christine Satchell is in the midst of commercialising her mobile phone prototype, known as The Swarm. It will enable busy users to personalise handset icons to tell a caller what they are doing while on the go. “If you’re in a meeting, callers will see a meeting icon that will come up, or if you’ve gone to the beach they’ll see you’re at the beach,” said Ms Satchell, who teaches new digital media. But the new model will also lend itself to the occasional white lie. “Because the human identity is a bit more complex than just one representation, we needed to be able to represent multiple things at once,” Ms Satchell said. “If your boss should call, he or she would see you’re in a meeting, but if your friend calls they would see that, in fact, you’re at the beach.” The Swarm was born out of a three-year PhD study into the behaviour of mobile phone users as reliance on mobile phones has surged. Ms Satchell wanted to develop technology that freed up mobile users without losing connectivity”.

Mobile phone fibs make life a beach

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