Vista users get free T-Mobile HotSpot Access till April 30th, 2007
January 25th, 2007

Microsoft is running a promotion with T-Mobile allowing all users of Windows Vista to have free access to TMobile HotSpots from January 30th – April 30th, 2007 according to the CyberNet.

….Yesterday, on the Windows Vista Blog, they announced that any computer running Windows Vista can go to a North American T-Mobile HotSpot from January 30th until April 30th for free, ‘blazing-fast broadband’ Internet. While the official start date of this offer is January 30th, the launch of Vista, it actually goes live on Friday the 26th. The official site for this promotion is

So, where can you find T-Mobile’s hot spots? In the United States they have 8.324 locations. They include Starbucks, Borders bookstores, FedEx Kinko’s locations, select Hyatt Hotels and resorts, airports, and the airline clubs of American, Delta, United and US Airways.

While I like the idea of free Hotspot service (I think it should be for 1 year, not 3 months – that would give Microsoft enough time to overcome negative press it’s received over Vista performance and security issues plus free the PR disaster over the free Vista Laptops to A List Bloggers that happened just before Christmas).

Note: I got a new HP Laptop recently – yet the last thing I want to do is install Vista on it, based on what I have heard (via RSS Feeds, etc).

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