Gizmoz’s Talking Head Tool as Social Media user generated content
January 28th, 2007

I was asked to test Gizmoz’s new HeadMaker tool by Amit over at When I first read about HeadMaker last month in TechCrunch – it struck me as a tool that could/would encourage peer to peer communication.

I wrote about it in Webmetricsguru and asked Gizmoz if I could test the HeadMaker tool – which is still in prototype.

Here’s the results of my first “talking head”

While I’m not totally happy with the quality of my “animation”, the movements of my “head”, or the selection of headgear – this tool has a lot of potential to increase the quality of communication (for both individuals and groups).

Imagine if these “talking heads” could be personalized based on who they’re for (who who will see them)?

That technology already exists – last summer you could buy a Jessica Simpson song with your own name being sung in the song.

I’d love to hear what my readers on Smartmobs think of my “talking head”.

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