IHL’s tackle loss of landline use
January 30th, 2007

An in-depth and informative article in University Business explores several ways IHEs (Institutions of Higher Learning) are responding as their students have switched in droves to cell phones:

Should a campus be wired for phone service? It’s a question that would have seemed odd only a few years ago. Although the answer used to be “yes” without fail, many institutions of higher ed are now seriously examining the issue, pondering whether traditional telephone company-based lines should be put into new buildings, or even yanked from a campus altogether.

The move away from landlines is a change sparked by students, and it’s being felt most in the accounts receivable office. Thanks to the popularity of cell phones, many colleges are getting socked by a revenue loss from decreased telephone landline usage on landlines that go completely unused. Dorm room phones, once a solid revenue stream of long distance charges, now rarely ring, and IHEs either don’t necessarily provide landline handsets or may not even have the service installed in new buildings.

via RAVE Wireless

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