Moving games move game sales
January 31st, 2007

A comparison in the New York Times today between Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 supposes that having the player get up and move around may be why the Wii is jumping off of store shelves. Perhaps mobile games–where your device is not wired or tied to location in any way–will be the long run winners here. Mobiles have unlimited potential for moving games.

This is the introduction to today’s NY Times report:

Some of the video game industry’s smartest minds thought that couch potatoes wanted richer graphics and more challenging virtual worlds. It turns out that a lot of potatoes simply wanted to get off the couch.

Emma Ciardiello, 5, playing golf on a Nintendo Wii in Berkeley Springs, W. Va. The family studied the new game alternatives before buying. Mr. Ciardiello, also playing video golf, broke a sweat, his wife, Tracy, said.

That may be the best explanation for the growing popularity of the Nintendo Wii, the new video game system that has players jumping, punching and swinging, giving them an aerobic workout right in front of their television sets.

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