Chinese video-sharing
February 4th, 2007

“Almost half of China’s Internet users were found to be focusing in on video-sharing websites which are home to millions of amateur films and animations,”this China Daily article states. “About 76 million of the 137 million Chinese Internet users have visited YouTuBe-like webcasting websites last year, according to the Internet Guide 2007 released earlier this month by Internet Society of China and the Data Center of the China Internet. “There were hardly any webcasting websites when we started in the business in April 2005. A year later there were already 200 websites offering webcast and podcast services on the Net,” said Chen Weijia, from, the country’s most popular video-sharing website. A quick check of Tudou, which literally means potato (no explanation for the quirky name could be found on the site), shows the website has more than 1.1 million short videos or animations in more than a dozen different categories. The website calls on netizens to become the “director of their own lives”.

Webcasting casts spell on Chinese Internet users

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