Jealous teenagers
February 13th, 2007

This age article says “jealous teenagers often use mobile phones and computers to harass and control their romantic partners, and most victims of the abuse are reluctant to discuss it with their parents, a survey showed on Thursday.The survey, carried out by Teenage Research Unlimited, found nearly 25 per cent of teens in a relationship had received hourly text messages or phone calls to check up on them between midnight and 5 a.m. One out of six said they had received messages 10 or more times an hour overnight.”Further,”.more than a third of the teens questioned for the survey said a boyfriend or girlfriend had harassed them with text messages, and a quarter said their partner had used a cell phone, email, blog or web chat to insult them.One in five said their boyfriends or girlfriends had used cell phones, e-mail or Instant Messaging to press them for sex, and one in 10 said they had been threatened with violence, the study found.Victims of abusive behavior were reluctant to tell their parents. Seventy-two percent said they had not told them about receiving a harassing number of emails or text messages, and 82 per cent had not told them about being pressed to engage in sexual activity, the survey said.Asked about why they had not told their parents about the abusive behavior, nearly half said the problem was not serious, and more than a quarter said they feared losing access to the technology, either cell phone or computer, the survey said.”

Dating teens get high-tech abuse

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