Expensive websites
February 24th, 2007

Tommaso Lombardi, blogger of Postmodernita’ Digitale writes Smartmobs: Hey, i would like to share with you this info on how a government spend 45 million euros (?) for a website.

“The Italian government decided to pay this amount of money when it commissioned the creation of Italia.it, a vast multilanguage portal that aims to be ‘the access door for discovering Italy’.

Tom adds to say: It’s the hottest thing happening now in Italy (well, apart from the government collapsing and dying). Please take a look, i would love to know what you think about it.

Users and citizens are dissatisfied as Punto Informatico, the leading Italian tech news service, reports: experts and power users everywhere in the country are complaining, criticizing the various and many faulty aspects of this overpriced and overwaited project – it took something like a couple of years to get things done and running.

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