Adverts that watch you watching them
February 28th, 2007

Electronic advertising boards could soon sense how you react to them and change their display to grab your attention, researchers say, according to With the new system called TABANAR (Targeted Advertising Based on Audience Natural Response), “the message will respond to the body of the customer”. [via digg]

It consists of an LCD screen and a small camera, both attached to a supermarket shelf stocked with competing brands. The system senses someone approaching and plays an advert, say about a particular brand of shampoo on the shelf.

Then its camera ‘watches’ to see how that person responds in real time, with special software analysing the footage. “The camera keeps monitoring the behaviour of this consumer to see if he or she is interested in this message,” says Wu.

If someone’s face is front-on to the display, the system assumes they are interested and continues advertising that brand. But if their face is side-on, the display goes blank or changes brand until it attracts the person’s attention.

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