Demographic trends and Small Business
February 28th, 2007

Small businesses are an important and growing driver of U.S. economic growth and dynamism. They employ over half of Aamerica’s private sector workers, produce over half of non-farm private GDP, and create roughly 75% of new private sector jobs. The next decade will see the growth of small business continue, and the social and economic impacts of small business increase.

Intuit and the Institute for the Future have undertaken a research project to identify, analyze, and forecast the significant trends and forces impacting small business over the next decade. They will present their findings in a series of forecast reports The Future of Small Business.

Demographic Trends and Small Business, is the first of this series. The second report will describe technology trends and small business, and the third report will cover trends related to industrial structure and economic decentralization. The reports and related research materials are available at

press release January 24 2007

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