Salary information
March 2nd, 2007

“If information is power, then most employees enter salary negotiations holding peashooters while the boss is encased in a Kevlar vest,”this IHT article says.”Unless someone left a spreadsheet of the company’s salaries on the copier (funny how often that happens), most employees have precious little ammunition going into a meeting to talk about their pay.A few Web sites try to level the playing field by providing more detailed information about salaries. began revealing the results of salary surveys on its site in 1999. is offering a challenge by gathering information directly from the people who search for data. A third site,, is testing a method of trolling job listings for salary information.New Internet technologies are providing information that has never been available to the average person and transforming the way they sell homes or buy airline tickets. It could have the same impact on the 47 million Americans who look for new jobs each month and the countless others who think they are underpaid at the ones they have”.

A new Web site tries to better arm employees for salary negotiations

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