John Edwards’ Second Life attackers identified
March 5th, 2007

In an unpredictible online environment, political campaigns will face situations that are new and unexpected. The attackers who hit the Democratic candidate John Edwards Second Life headquarters have been identified.

[posted by Destiny]

John Edwards staff didn’t anticipate unpredictible (and unregulated) antics of Second Life. A volunteer’s unofficial headquarters was apparently attacked last week as the randomly-selected target of an organized group of in-world pranksters. They prefer attacking with server-clogging floods of an image of Nintendo’s Mario — or giant advancing posters of Jell-o Pudding Pops(tm) spokesman Bill Cosby. They even upload music videos of their attacks to YouTube.

Everyone rushed to project their favorite bogeyman as the identity of the unknown attackers. (Republican operatives? Clever couner-operative strategists?) But it turns out it was just another wild day in Second Life.

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