Academic CoWorking
March 10th, 2007

Alex Reid associate professor, director of professional writing at Sunny Cortland reflects on his weblog Digital Digs how the CoWorking model applies to higher education, to both the work he does and the work his students do in professional writing.

Might a coworking model function on my campus? Well, first you have to recognize that only about 40% of my job is research. While each faculty member has hir own specialization, there is always some overlap, some opportunities for collaboration, which often go unrecognized.

The concept of coworking is that it doesn’t demand collaboration or sociality but it does facillitate those opportunities by creating a more fluid workspace. Imagine working in a library-like, mostly open space.

The atomized monasticism that continues to typify academic life has to change. We can make that change without losing the benefits of academic freedom and gain the benefits of the more dynamic modes of collaboration and coworking that have emergered around us.

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