Mobile tools for campaigns
March 13th, 2007

The mobile phone is shaping up to become a versatile tool in the political campaigns now getting underway. For example, is targeting the campaigns with mobile tools and interesting promises, described by cherrytreemobile‘s Donnie Fowler in a Los Angeles Times story:

To Fowler, a veteran Democratic strategist, the next big thing is the small screen on the cellphone in your purse or pocket. In just a few years, he said, the tiny device will allow you to access the Internet in all its vastness, as though you were seated in front of a computer.

“You’ll not only be able to text people with messages, you’ll be able to raise money, deliver video, audio, create viral organizing — where one person sees something really interesting and it gets passed on and on,” said Fowler, who recently started a company, Cherry Tree Mobile Media, to promote wireless communication as a campaign tool.

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