March 13th, 2007

The Shanghai Daily reports that “half of the city’s families surf the Internet via broadband,and 90 percent of permanent residents own a mobile phone,just to name two indicators cited yesterday in a new report from the city’s IT development regulator.The level of broadband penetration is similar to the rate in United States and beats the United Kingdom by one percentage point,according to researchers Parks Associates and Point Topic”.Further,”Shanghai will start building a wireless network that will cover the entire city and import advanced supercomputers that can perform 100 trillion calculations a second. The city will also construct third-generation telecommunications networks, build several factories for advanced semiconductors, develop a Sino-US undersea cable providing 60 times more communications capacity than the present system and improve its IT-based government services”.Also,”Shanghai’s Internet users reached 9.57 million at the end of last year, about half of all permanent residents and seven percent of the national figure. Ninety-one percent of local families reported having at least one computer, and 3.02 million families were using broadband Internet services”.Among the other IT indicators,”Shanghai has surpassed Harbin to become the country’s top city for Internet-linked TV services, and the number of its mobile phone users reached 16.09 million at the end of last year”.

City gains world status as bytes and pixels soar

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