Working together as equals. Profiting from each others success
March 15th, 2007

Working together as equals. Profiting from each others success. These two ideas represent a surprisingly radical redefinition of work.

[with thanx to Bernie DeKoven for sharing this thinking]

If we are working, as equals, then who’s the boss? Who’s the administrative assistant? Who’s the executive, the manager, the chief, the producer? Who gets the higher salary, the bigger office, the better parking place?

In the coworking environment, this is a fundamental supposition of what it means to be working together. We are not working for each other. We are not even working on the same thing. We are each our own profit center. Each our own business. We are together, working, in the same place, maybe, at the same time, sometimes, each working on our own. As long as we’re in the same place, as long as we’re connected physically or virtually, we can, if we need, ask each other for help.

more on this in ‘Work in Progress’ at

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