Malaysia and the blogs
March 20th, 2007

“Malaysia’s traditional media has been ordered not to mention,quote or pursue stories exposed by bloggers and online news sites,which are emerging as a powerful new media force,”this AsiaMedia article says.”A security ministry circular dated March 13 told top editors of a dozen mainstream newspapers and five television stations that they must not “give any consideration whatsoever” to anti-government material posted online.Ironically the circular,issued by the ministry’s secretary general,was first exposed by the independent online magazine on Saturday.An academic,who declined to be named,told the website that the circular was a “pathetic” response to numerous exposes on the internet of high-level government corruption.The internal security ministry periodically issues circulars to keep the media in line,especially on religion,race politics and sex,subjects considered sensitive by the government.Under the Printing Presses and Publication Act all publications must apply for a yearly publishing permit.The permit can be issued, refused or cancelled midway at the minister’s sole discretion and the decision cannot be challenged in court”.

Malaysia tells media to ignore online news sites

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