Google’s challenge – learning to give up control of Contextual Advertising
March 27th, 2007

Today in Adotas, an article on Why Google’s Old-Media Infiltration Seems Forced and Flawed asks if Google, god of the internet, can learn to let go and give up Control, particularly in the Paid Advertising Area:

Is Google “God”? Marshall Sponder, 2007 – oil pastel / pastel on paper 22×28

Giving up control is not a phrase that you will find anywhere in Google’s mission statement. However, with the emergence of transparent ad networks that is exactly the kind of strategic decision that Google finds itself wrestling with.

Over the past year, a number of articles have been written about smaller ad networks that have begun to challenge Google’s dominance. The NY Times, USA Today and Business Week, just to name a few, have all published stories related to the growing competition for contextual ad market that generated $2 billion in 2006.

The key is maintaining the focus that enabled Google to get to where it is at today. Google should stay focused on their core competency of contextual search and invest in businesses that focus on the offline media categories they want to penetrate. Rather than trying to force an entire industry to adapt to their way of thinking, why not create alliances with or purchase companies that are well established within the print, TV and radio industries?

I don’t think Google has acted in a way that actually fosters communication in the Contextual and Broadcast Advertising industry – and if anything, that, most of all, is the Chink in Google’s Armor.

…Google’s current approach, trying to force their brand and their technology on this market, hasn’t proven to be a winning approach so far, just ask the founders of dMarc.

My painting, above, is an expression of the idea that Google now acts as if it can define what’s right, what’s true in any market it seeks to dominate.

Link: Adotas

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