Virtual Worlds 2007 in New York City
March 27th, 2007

I’ll be there, starting tonight, covering all the newest happenings in Second Life and other 3D Virtual Worlds. I will cover some of the highlights here on SmartMobs, as they happen, and on my blog. I only found out about the conference last week and was able to obtain a Press Pass via my Webmetricsguru and ArtNewYorkCity publications.

Here’s some information –

Virtual Worlds Spring 2007

Virtual Worlds 2007 is the leading event for Fortune 500 businesses seeking to understand and maximize marketing and business strategies within virtual worlds.

VW07 gives you an inside look at the Virtual Worlds activities of MTV, Disney, AOL, Pontiac, Nickelodeon, Leo Burnett, Sundance Channel, GSD&M, IBM and other major brands. In addition you’ll gain exclusive insight into a variety of Virtual Worlds platforms including Second Life,, Multiverse, Forterra Systems, Whyville, ProtonMedia, Entropia Universe, Habbo, Areae and more.

Link: Virtual Worlds 2007

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