Comcast limiting bandwidth consumption
April 13th, 2007

As we consume more and more online video content we’re using so much network bandwidth that internet providers such as Comscore are now limiting bandwidth consumption of it’s customers.

Frank Carreiro, a resident of Utah, had his service cut off in January, and has been blogging about it at He started the blog in part because ‘silence will only encourage the company to continue abusing its customers.’

Comcast’s network security department warned Mr. Carreiro in December to reduce his use of bandwidth. He called customer service several times, he said, and was told that there was no record of such a warning and that he might have been the victim of a prank call. A month later, he said, his service was disconnected. He has since switched to D.S.L. service and is ‘very happy.’

Sounds like the “cure” is worse than the “problem”.

Link: New York Times

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