Twittering churches
April 15th, 2007

‘Tech you might want to use: Twitter’ is an article with some ideas about using Twitter by innovative churches. *) writes about some possible uses for churches/ministries:

* Have users subscribe to your twitter feed via SMS and send out a weekly thought/prayer/mico devotional
* Use twitter to allow people to signup for activities/events (this definitely require some programming on your end, but will work)
* Have people subscribe to a special twitter feed to be reminded of an event or church experience/service via SMS
* Create an interactive element where people can SMS during a worship experience/service and incorporate the feed of all of the responses into the experience in real-time
* Allow people to subscribe to the feed of a mission trip leader as he/she sends out updates throughout the day of what God is doing through the trip.

*) is a multi-site church with campuses in the Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Fort Worth, Nashville and Tulsa metropolitan areas as well as a campus that meets entirely on the Internet.

“We used the service [Twitter] a few weeks ago in conjunction with a three day fast that we did as a church. Over the three days…CS who taught a message about fasting the previous weekend sent out ‘updates’ about the fast via the twitter service throughout the day. People could subscribe using SMS (text messaging) on their cell phones, via instant messaging or by visiting the website where we could pull in an RSS feed of the updates”.

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