Robin Good Interviews Teemu Arina
April 19th, 2007

Learning Paths, Collaboration Tools, Social Software: Robin Good’s Video Interview With Teemu Arina (Part Two).

Robin Good writes: While informal and mobile learning were the themes of the first part of the video interview with Finnish futurist and learning scholar Teemu Arina, in this second round of rapid-fire questions and explorations into what the future may have in store for us, I take Teemu onto some interesting new trails: Blogs, barcamps, unconferences, social technologies, online collaboration tools are in fact the main course for this extended second part.

Robin Good: Who are your key enemies?

Teemu Arina: Key enemies? Well, nowadays when the world is so networked and so complex I think that those people who I might think are ideologically my enemies are really also potential people to cooperate with, so there is no meaning with having a conversation with those who agree with you.

So those who are enemies are actually the most important resource for you to learn and reflect on your thinking, because they bring such different points of view in a conversation, so I can’t point to any single enemy. I don’t like to pick enemies.

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