School on the Bus
April 19th, 2007

Rural students are at risk of being left out of the latest technological educational opportunities and jobs says Billy Hudson, a Vanderbilt University biochemist. Part of the Aspirnaut Initiative created at Vanderbilt is to put daily bus riding time to use studying on laptop computers interacting with broadband Internet access via cell phone towers. A story about the project from VanderbiltRegister explains:

Eventually the Aspirnauts – students who ‘aspire, seek and achieve’ – will log in to their lessons during their usual lengthy bus rides, up to 90 minutes each way, along circuitous routes on gravel roads to and from their regular schools.

On Saturdays, evenings or during the summer, they will meet at the church for webcasts and Internet access they can’t receive at home due to their remote location.

The Aspirnaut Initiative has been endorsed by Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and by distinguished scientists around the world, including two Nobel laureates. By improving K-12 education in rural areas. Hudson said, the initiative can help the United States retain its stature as a math and science powerhouse.

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