Bloggiest US neighborhoods
April 24th, 2007

What US neighborhoods have mobs of bloggers? has listed the top ten here, with some facts about the neighborhoods and a leading local blog. The ten bloggiest are city neighborhoods. It makes sense to me that the top ten would be in localities with dense populations–instead of the wine country, Peoria or the Hamptons. Perhaps areas where a lot of change is underway is the common factor that makes residents rise to blogging. The way the top ten where chosen is explained like this:

Since we’ve been tracking local bloggers in over 3,000 US neighborhoods for the past six months now, we thought it would be fun to run the numbers and finally answer the question that’s been on everyone’s mind: what exactly are America’s bloggiest neighborhoods? The results below are based on a number of variables: total number of posts, total number of local bloggers, number of comments and Technorati ranking for the bloggers. If your neighborhood’s not on the list, start a placeblog or let us know about a placeblog we’re missing — we’ll calculate this list again next year and let you know what’s changed.


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