We need open wireless
April 26th, 2007

Michael Liebhold of The Institute for the Future points Smartmobs to an important article on Venturebeat of Ram Shriram about the history of telecom reform and the fulfilling of the need for open access by opening wireless.

[Thank you Michael for sharing this link !!]

“Telecom reform over the last four decades has sparked massive innovation and growth – and helped lead to the vibrant wireline Internet we know today.

However, the wireless world could hardly be more different. Where the Internet’s rise was helped by agreements on open standards and access, the wireless world remains splintered by the ‘walled gardens’ owned by wireless carriers. As anyone trying to create mobile features will tell you, entering the wireless market is extremely frustrating – many entrepreneurs have simply given up.

Unless this changes, the wireless broadband world risks facing an even bigger ‘innovation gap’ than we have today. Europe and Asia continue to surge ahead without us. (..)

Wireless devices, meanwhile remain stuck in the walled gardens.

The same goes for applications, services and protocols. Opening wireless broadband to new market entrants – with open devices, open software and open IP services – is critical to continued innovation in new devices, new services and new mobile web applications coming out of Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

Similarly, to promote innovation in services and applications for consumers in the wireless world, a better model is needed than the current status quo. A key ingredient to change this is that competition should be fostered”.

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