Twitter in the New York Times again
April 29th, 2007

After last week’s major article in NYT on Twitter, here is already a follow-up ‘One Call to Tell the World about You’

This time it starts with a picture of Daniel Graf. The founder of the mobile social networking service Kyte, confirms that he sees cellphones as personal TV studios. ‘Now you can share your life over a mobile phone,’ he said, ‘and someone is always connected, watching.’

You feel like you are instantly broadcasting your own life and experiences to your friends at home, and to anyone in the world who wants to join,’ said Mr. Zai, who used a new online service called Kyte to create his digital diary.

The social networking phenomenon is leaving the confines of the personal computer. Powerful new mobile devices are allowing people to send round-the-clock updates about their vacations, their moods or their latest haircut.

“For many Twitter users, text messages have become a form of self-expression and public performance. They are flinging messages that would seem to be of slight interest to anyone: notifications that they are online, or listening to music, or going shopping, or even performing activities of a historically more discreet nature”.

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