Homeland Security Department’s program called Cell-All
May 3rd, 2007

“The government is researching whether the best defense against a chemical, biological or radiological attack might one day be right in everyone’s hands — or on their ears,”USA Today reports.Further,”the Homeland Security Department says the program, called Cell-All, might work this way: Detectors would be placed in cellphones, most of which are already linked to the Global Positioning System. If a detector recorded a hit, the GPS would transmit the location and time to local emergency responders and Homeland Security’s operations center.
The responders would go to the scene; Homeland Security would issue warnings and inform police departments and FBI offices across the country. If there was just one hit, it could be a false positive and there wouldn’t be much cause for concern, Dietrich says. But multiple hits from the same area would prompt an immediate response”.

Phones studied as attack detector

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