Yale Globalist on Flash Mobs
May 3rd, 2007

The Yale Globalist has a good, succinct article about flash mobs:

As new technologies are released, young activists will continue to invent new applications for them that were unimagined by their original engineers. No one predicted the cell phone as a tool for organizing a mob. ‘A generation of digital natives is emerging, people for whom having a telephone on them, having access to the web, being able to use those technologies for their own purposes is just part of life, like running water and electricity,’ said Rheingold. The increased power to rapidly disseminate information, however, also implies the parallel risk of misinformation. To counter this, Rheingold believes ‘media literacy training is an essential part of civic education.’ Savage also recognizes the danger, noting that a flash mob is ‘a crowd of people that has this huge potential power behind it, power for good as well as bad.’ And it is up to the people to decide–perhaps through mass text-messaging–how they are going to collectively use that power.

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