Collactive: smartmobbing tool launches
May 8th, 2007

Collactive launched today. It looks like a service for smartmobbery:

Want to save the rain forest? Promote a candidate? Highlight the latest outrage of the day? Watch your band’s latest video? Sending an email or linking to a news story or video from your blog might get a few people to take a look at what you think is important, but putting out a Collactive APB (All Points Bulletin) will get you attention where it counts: on the front page of the website, where everyone and anyone can read it.

Putting out a Collactive APB is a call to action to your friends and supporters asking them to take collective action on the web. The APB you send will not only send your supporters to the right place, but it will take full advantage of Collactive’s knowledge of Web 2.0 sites so that people are doing far more than just reading a story or watching a video. They’ll be using the tools Web 2.0 sites use to choose which stories make it to the front page of their site. Whether it be the ‘most emailed’, ‘favorite’, ‘most popular’ or ‘most read’ story or video, each site does it differently. Your Collactive APB will harness the collective action of your friends and supporters, taking a story or video that might have only been seen by a few hundred people and making it visible to thousands, even millions of people on the Internet.

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