Facebook selling user info — how to block it
May 13th, 2007

I have received a correction to the following post, which I published about a half hour ago. The source who corrected me is knowledgeable, and I went back and looked, and yes, Facebook does have an extensive privacy statement. Nevertheless, the instructions for opting out are accurate. I tested them.

Here is the correction I received:

Facebook developer platform does allow third parties to see your data, but they have extensive language in the terms of service that prevents the storing of any data.

Furthermore, I can’t find any evidence of data “selling.” You do not need to pay Facebook to have a developer’s key.

I believe your source has misunderstood the developer platform.

Here is my original post. I removed my link to my original source:

Apparently Facebook has started SELLING user information (surprise, surprise!) to third parties. They call it the “Facebook Development Platform.”

To restrict use of your information, do the following:
– Click “Privacy” on top right.
– Under the “Facebook Platform” section click “Edit Settings”.
– Scroll down to the bottom and UNCHECK ALL of the items under facebook platform, dont worry this wont affect your friends from seeing any of this.

Most creepy is the inclusion of photographs! (Do your friends a favor and repost this as your own note.)

special thanks to my bud Ajay for informing me via his wall of this.

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