Video: Howard talks tech to business folk
May 16th, 2007

My speaking agency, Monitor Talent, has posted two short videos of me talking about my ideas for prospective speaking clients who are in the business world:

Howard Rheingold, chronicler of how technology changes the way we live, work and play, prognosticates how business leaders and organizations will change to adapt to the new technological realities. He argues that leaders will need to have an interdisciplinary understanding of issues, look to the youth in the company for innovation and ‘believe that it is okay to fail.” “The organization wall will need to become a permeable membrane” and be ‘ambidextrous” to stay competitive.
When asked to comment on how technology is impacting human activity, Howard explains that amateurs–those without economic interest in the web–are playing a role in the evolution of technology as evidenced by the blogging phenomenon. Literacy as a result of technology is making a difference- ‘we will need to understand the dynamics of ad hoc collective action.” He postulates that we may see a very different political election in 2008 because of how the populace can communicate. Adults and education systems are being challenged by the literacy of 14-year olds. Individuals, he argues, need to pay attention: ‘if you don’t spend part of your time surfing the web, reading blogs, finding out what people are saying out there you’ll find yourself left behind.”

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