Twitter for politicians
May 17th, 2007

Despite the maintenance problems of Twitter lately The Guardian comes today with a promising article on 21 Century PR of politicians, titled Member of the Twittering Class.

“Twitter is a way of making the campaign much more accessible to most people.”

Twitter’s Biz Stone, counters: “We’ve been doubling the number of active users about every three weeks for a sustained period of months now.

Counting the total number of users on its own is not “a healthy way” to measure the success of a service, Stone says, and points to the Twitter Fan Wiki twitter. as one way that success can be measured. “When users form community around a product, discuss that product, and build compelling applications on top of a product, then that service is showing signs of success. Accommodating growth while providing a sophisticated, deviceagnostic message routing service for our users has helped Twitter grow”

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