Term paper seller ads banned by Google
May 23rd, 2007

For those of us who advocate the use of digital connectivity in education, a confounding response has long been: ‘But kids will cheat.’ A main argument has been that term papers are for sale online. It is true that there was cheating in schools long before digital technology came along. Still, it has been hard to argue that the Internet has not created new ways to cheat. What, though, should be done to counter new kinds of cheating? Google has taken a step that puts the term paper mills in the company with which they belong. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports reports Google will no longer let them advertise:

Term-paper and essay-writing services join prostitutes, firearms dealers, and hacking sites in Google’s forbidden-advertising zone, the company announced on Tuesday.
Academic paper-writing services, or “paper mills,” will no longer be able to buy search terms in the Google AdWords program, and thus their ads will no longer pop up in the “sponsored links” sections of a Google search-results page. (Links to those sites could still be found among the results on the main part of the page, however.)

“It’s a new Google policy, just announced,” said a saleswoman from Google’s AdWords who did not want to give her name because she was not authorized to speak to reporters. “We’re not going to be taking ads from essay services anymore.”

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