Web 2.0 requires ‘Govt 2.0′ for citizen engagement
May 24th, 2007

Government needs to reflect the changes in communications that have resulted from Web 2.0 technology and help facilitate two-way communication between citizens. This was the message Canadian web and ‘unmarketing’ guru Tara Hunt, co-founder of the Citizen Agency consultancy, delivered at the Govis conference, held in Wellington last week.

The web used to be a presentation and marketing tool, but it has turned into an avenue for two-way communication, including the ‘bottom-up’ expression of views, as well as for grassroots action, Hunt told Government Information Services conference.

Government should reflect these changes and facilitate both communication and the creation of new internet-based businesses — becoming a ‘springboard’ to help people find fulfillment in their business and personal lives.

For example, Web 2.0 has revealed the great business potential embodied in the ‘long tail’, the collectively huge number of people who share a minority interest, says Hunt. The web has enabled whole industries to be built by putting members of this long tail in touch with one another. TradeMe is the most obvious local example.

read the full article in Computerworld, May 23

Tara’s presentation on her personal website HorsePigCow

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