Location Makes Twitter More Relevant
May 30th, 2007

David Troy gave a talk about Twittervision, his novel creation that maps Twitter updates on a Google Map of the world. Wired covered Twittervision in the past, and as David points out, the blogosphere has branded it everything from “an engrossing spectacle” to “an incredible waste of time.”

[by way of Wired blogs Compiler]

David actually used Twittervision to give his presentation. It’s available online.

One thing David said particularly resonated with the Where 2.0 audience: simple tools like Twittervision add relevance (location data) to a data stream that is largely irrelevant (Twitter). Just by adding the “where,” the data being plotted becomes more interesting. Twittervision is entrancing — just sit there and watch the map for a while. Now try doing the same thing with the Twitter homepage and the refresh button.

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