Senator Edwards advocates for a genuinely inclusive American Information Society
May 31st, 2007

D. Weinberger is eager to bring good news to the supporters of net neutrality and to trigger public awareness towards the Edwards campaign. His privileged position as a volunteer advisor to this campaign gives him the opportunity of knowing a bit more about it.

The 700 megahertz slice of the broadband will become available in the near future, due to analog TV shutdown agreement for 2009. Senator John Edwards and all who stand beside him are seeing this as a major event that could decide the fate of the ‘web for all’ project.

In his letter to the Federal Communications Commission, Senator Edwards advocates for a rapid use of the 700 megahertz slice of the broadband spectrum in order to make the Internet more accessible and affordable to all Americans, regardless of their location — rural or urban – or their income. The senator is convinced that this will be for the benefit and accelerated growth of the American society. A wider web will offer more support for better social inclusion, by making voices of small minorities heard, which helps with democratic debate and processes. Economically speaking, small markets will be boosted on the grounds of the new services built upon this broadband opportunity. All this can bring America one step closer to the fully functional information society.

Frontline Wireless already offers a logistic strategy “to leverage private sector investment to yield public safety benefits.” This would make a good guide of action for making the 700 mH spectrum available to small carriers via wholesalers. Senator Edwards insists that the biding process should be carried out in an anonymous and non-discriminating way for best results. Still, as Weinberger underlines, ‘This band is not the final answer. But it’s an opportunity to get some more of the public airwaves working for the public good.

For more information on Edwards campaign, Weinberger links us with Harold Feld’s more extensive coverage.

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